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2021 Investments

Due to the influence of Covid-19 and its variants on the American economy, no investments are planned for 2021. Upon identification of investment opportunities the fund will resume its investment operation.

Will the stock market crash?

Will The Stock Market Crash?

Will the stock market crash? Probably so is the short answer. Data indicates the stock market is in dangerous territory as of Friday, August 8, 2020. Is the stock market a bubble ready to burst just as it did in the year 2000, and again late in 2007? Let’s evaluate the topic and end withContinue reading “Will The Stock Market Crash?”

Why Invest In a Hedge Fund?

One simple fact explains it all. The top hedge funds are where all the best performing risk-adjusted returns in the stock market have come from. Here’s the numbers and facts. Why invest in a hedge fund? Because the Baupost Group, Renaissance Technologies and the Buffet Partnerships are among a few top hedge funds who haveContinue reading “Why Invest In a Hedge Fund?”

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