About Winvest

Three elements make Winvest unique among hedge fund companies. 1) Winvest posts the investment results of its unified account across social media and to the website. 2) The fund seeks to avoid bear markets such as those following the bubble of 2000, and the Great Recession of 2008 by taking a top-down economic outlook for bubbles, coupled with a bottom-up research process for high quality businesses with growth possibilities. 3) Winvest has industry-leading high hurdle rates so the investor only pays for top level performance.

Winvest employs a long-only investment approach which ranges from 53-103 weeks. We believe that maintaining this investment time frame will serve the fund’s track record and its investors well. We are a value investing hedge fund—specializing and investing exclusively in S&P 500 companies.

When are investments made?

Investments are made in the first half of January of a given year.

Why is the holding period 53-103 weeks?

This time frame maximizes profits and is also tax smart, making fund profits long-term capital gains.

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