What Makes Winvest Different?

Six elements make Winvest unique among hedge fund companies.

1.) Winvest posts investment results to its website.

2.) Winvest offers the industry’s highest high-hurdle rates at 25% for the Master’s Portfolio, so the investor only pays for exceptionally noteworthy performance. Industry standard is 12%.

3.) Winvest allows for redemptions in any amount and at all times; extremely rare among hedge fund companies.

4.) Winvest has no lockup period.

5.) Performance fees, if any, are paid at the end of the investment cycle to maximize returns for fund investors, increase the probability of realizing maximum possible returns instead of being taken out to pay fees, and to improve the probability of the fund’s highest possible performance. This contrasts with high-water mark fees that are common in the industry that charge performance fees monthly/quarterly to investor accounts.

6.) Winvest investors receive 4.83% interest annually on uninvested cash balances, accruing daily, paid monthly. $1,908+ per month based on investment minimum.

Winvest employs a long-only investment approach which ranges from 53-103 weeks, depending on the portfolio product. We believe that maintaining this investment time frame will serve the fund’s track record and its investors well. We are a value investing hedge fund—specializing and investing exclusively in S&P 500 companies.

Why Is The Holding Period 53-103 Weeks?

This time frame maximizes profit potential and is also tax-smart, making fund profits pass-through, long-term capital gains. This timeframe also coincides with the expiration of selected stock option contracts.