Associate’s Portfolio Investments 2016-2020

S&P 500 Jan 27, 2016 – January 31, 2020 +71.51% return

Non-compounded rate of return (investment gains are withdrawn out of fund after each holding period and not reinvested in the subsequent investment period).

Accumulative gross fund returns ’16-’20 +143.7%.

Excluding dividend payments to fund investors.

Excluding fund fees.

Compounded gross fund returns without redemptions +207.1%.

Fund results actual, pre-inc, and unaudited. Investment results may vary from year to year depending on market conditions.

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    1. Hi Dawn, thanks for the question. Hedge fund regulation is maintained in the United States at the federal-level mostly, although there is some regulations that are state-specific. After the depression of the 1930s, there began a lot of regulations of the financial industry in general. One good possible reason is that they want to safeguard the industry since so much capital flows through hedge funds, it’s important for a government to make sure the industry works well for both parties, the market.

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